Level 1 NAHA Certified Aromatherapist

Level 1 NAHA Certified Aromatherapist

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This  is an entry level aromatherapy certification, no previous experience is required.

The course covers a variety of subjects  including essential oil usage, chemistry,  science of aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology, twenty essential oils data and application, four body systems, in addition to Anatomy & Physiology and Materia Medica.

What is included in the Program: 

  • Once you signup you will have immediate access to the course.
  • Our interactive aromatherapy certification online level 1 course was created with you in mind – built around your lifestyle, so you can start – take a break and pick it back up right where you left off anytime you’re ready.
  • You will have unlimited 24/7 access to your course!  Certification Online Level 1 Course
  • Access to numerous videos, assignments, and several blending activities, coming away with a solid foundation in the clinical uses of essential oils.
  • Four  Coaching sessions with your lead instructor
  •  101 carrier consultation session to guide you to the next steps  in  your career with our career consultation sessions
  • Life time mentorship

How Many Hours Is The Program: 

This is a 75-hour Self Study Aromatherapy Certification online course, you have to finish this course within 1 year from your sign up date.

Graduation Requirements:

Upon successful completion of all academic requirements, submit 10 case studies, research paper and exam, you will receive a certificate from Ebers School of Aromatherapy a NAHA approved School Educator.

Certification Program  Outline:


Course Overview – Class Supplies list – Required assignments  -Research paper guidelines  -Coaching sessions  -Case Studies  -Aromatherapy Consultation forms

Module  One:

History of Aromatherapy – What is Aromatherapy

Module Two:

Botany & Aromatherapy – Aromatic Families -The Role of Botany in Aromatherapy -Plant Structure and the oil cell- Common & Botanical Names – Extraction Methods

Module Three:

Storage and safety – Topical use precautions- What is Sensitization – Equipment used in Aromatherapy

Module Four:

Essential oils Materia Medica – Data sheets for 20 Essential oils, therapeutics, methods of application and safety , Sweet Basil-Clary Sage-Cypress-Eucalyptus Frankincense -Pink Grapefruit-Geranium- Helichrysum- Jasmine -Juniper Berry -Lavender-Lemon -Marjoram –Patchouli -Peppermint -Roman Chamomile -Rosemary – Sweet Orange -Tea Tree -Ylang Ylang  GCMS Analysis Sample


Module Five:

Basic Chemistry- Chemical families- 10 Chemical Families safety and  therapeutics

Module Six:

Methods of Applications- Useful recipes for methods of application

Module Seven:

Blending Techniques – Blending Tips- How to select Essential oils For a Blend- Blending By Notes

Blending By Aromatic families- Doctrine of Signatures

Module 8:

Skin – Integumentary System- Skin – Integumentary System Diseases- What is an Adverse effect from using oils? – Essential Oils for Various Skin Conditions.


Module Nine:

Limbic System- Essential oils for Stress- Chakras

Module Ten:

Respiratory System- Respiratory System Diseases- Essential oils For Respiratory Conditions

Module 11:

Muscular Systems- Muscular System Diseases- Essential oils For Muscular System Diseases- Yoga

Supplies Needed Through The Course :

Spray bottles, inhalers, plastic bottles for lotions, plastic bottles for massage oils, 5ml bottle for diffuser blend, coffee bean tin, plastic tubs, labels and marker, perfume strips, and plastic pipettes.

Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Olive Oil, Hydrosols (Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, or Neroli), Apricot Oil, Olive Oil, Herbal ( Calendula, Yarrow, Arnica), and Butters ( Cocoa-Mango, Shia butter ).

 Continuing Education Hours:

Ebers School of Aromatherapy is a NAHA Approved School Educator and offers aromatherapy courses that exceed the requirements set forth by NAHA for aromatherapy education. Our Aromatherapy Certification online level 1- 75 hours course exceeds the qualifications set by NAHA which qualify you as a “NAHA Certified Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist.” Please visit NAHA for more information. You will earn NAHA  75 CEUs after finishing this course.


Is This Course For You ? 

  • Our Aromatherapy certification program is for individuals interested in learning the basic principals of aromatherapy and looking forward to become certified and knowledgeable in the amazing benefits and uses of aromatherapy and how to use essential oils for therapeutic benefits.If you are currently working in the health care system or seeking to enhance your career in complimentary holistic health care, this course is for you.Students will learn how to blend essential oils safely for therapeutic uses  in this hands-on interactive course.As an entry level course, no previous aromatherapy training is required.This course is open to all who want to learn more about aromatherapy and become certified aromatherapists.

    Ebers School of Aromatherapy is an accredited NAHA Approved School Educator and offers aromatherapy courses that exceed the requirements set forth by NAHA Certified Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist requirements.

After Finishing The Certificate 

  • You will be able to use essential oils safely and therapeutically
  • Gain new knowledge to pursue a new career and path in life
  • Learn how Aromatherapy and Essential oils can be very beneficial in helping a lot of conditions with scientific evidence based  researches
  •  Teach Aromatherapy to your community
  • Create beautiful natural products
  • Learn business practices and project management techniques to build your business
  •  Get connected with a large community and network with Aromatherapists, distillers & educators
  • Refunds for online Courses are available within 24 hours of registration  prior to login to the program, once logged in and have access no refunds will be available

2 reviews for Level 1 NAHA Certified Aromatherapist

  1. Veronique Lee (verified owner)

    Her generosity of spirit along with her genuine interest and love of teaching aromatherapy is evident and appreciated.
    If you are interested in aromatherapy and want to learn the many facets to it, this is a good place to start with advanced anatomy, chemistry and a lot more! You’ll find plenty of resources to be able to learn more on each sub topic, with helpful videos and resources. As with anything, it is up to you to delve deeper into whatever aspects of aromatherapy interest you most. The course is also constantly being ameliorated with added resources that are available to you even after you finish the course. Raghda is an incredible resource with 25 years of sourcing and fragrance knowledge behind her. Her generosity of spirit along with her genuine interest and love of teaching aromatherapy is evident and appreciated.


    • Raghda Abdelmaksoud (verified owner)

      Thank you Veronique 🙂

  2. Rabab Mokhtar (verified owner)

    Previously, I was lost did not know how to use essential oils, what is the safety zone to deal with e.o and a lot of information that I did not study academically
    But by participating in Ebers School, I had a chance, that brought me many surprises, putting me on the right path and meeting the right people in the right places.
    first of them is my teacher and my inspiration Raghda Abdel-Maqsoud, symbol of respect represented by following us and guiding us to many approved sources and her keenness to develop and innovate this site and promote it
    The course here is characterized by continuous follow-up and renewal, as if you are on a journey, making sure that you do not miss anything
    Excellence in topics, continuous webinars, multiple meetings, and sufficient scientific materials that create this school an awareness platform, at least for our Arab world and for all who care to know and learn about aromatherapy and e.o.

    • Raghda Abdelmaksoud (verified owner)

      Thank you Rabab, you will be a great Aromatherapist.

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