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  1. Thank you

    Congratulations on finishing the course . Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with you . Only few steps for your aromatherapy certification and whole wide world of opportunities,healing and well being. Make sure to finish  1- 10 Case studies 2- Research 3- Exam Paper  After that you will […]
  2. Resources

    Aromatherapy Organizations and Continuing Education: 1-National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) www.naha.org Contact me for coupon codes 2-Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) www.alliance-aromatherapists.org/ 3-American college of Healthcare Sciences https://info.achs.edu/ 4-Aroma web https://www.aromaweb.com/ 5-American Botanical Council https://abc.herbalgram.org/ 6-Plant Alkemie http://www.plantalkemie.com/ Aromatherapy Publications: 1-NAHA Aromatherapy Journal – USA www.naha.org 2-International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics – France […]

    1) Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality aromatherapy service to those who seek their professional service 2) Conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in relation to my clients, fellow aromatherapists and colleagues and the general public so as to comply with the highest standards of moral behavior and integrity and to uphold […]
  4. Aromatic Break

    Muscle Salve Recipe 1/2 cup apricot kernel oil or Jojoba Oil¼ cup beeswax¼ cup coconut oil10 drops of your favorite Essential oil (Check Essential oils for Muscular system)30 Ml stainless steel jar or glass jar Instructions : To set up the double boiler pour 2-3 inches of water into the bottom pot Add Jojoba – […]
  5. Yoga

    “Book learning is nothing compared to deeper learning. There is a fund of knowledge in nature itself. If your brain is clear, you can just tap right into it. You can easily find a solution for any problem. It’s not anyone’s monopoly. Everyone can do that.”1Sri Swami Satchidananda Yoga is said to be at least […]
  6. Essential Oils for Muscular System Diseases

    Regardless of whether its achy joints, sore muscles, or more severe health concern, essential oils help to ease pain and reduce swelling caused by inflammation as a natural remedy, Essential oils may help reduce and prevent inflammation for several conditions in the body. Essential oils such as Thyme, Oregano, and Winter Savory that are high […]
  7. Muscular System Diseases

    In this lesson, we are predominantly concerned with skeletal muscle and its anatomy. When a muscle works, it burns fuel, but a byproduct of lactic acid is left behind. This acid crystallizes, and we will often feel it as muscle stiffness or even grittiness. (Roll your head; often you can feel the crunch in your […]
  8. Ebers – Module Eleven Muscular System

    Module Objectives  Muscular system Anatomy of muscles Muscular system diseases and conditions Essential oils for the Muscular system Yoga You will find this lesson of great use when you create a blend for a sore muscle. As you learn about a muscle on paper, explore how it moves in your body. Muscles Around 50% of […]
  9. Aromatic Break

    Aromatherapy Inhaler Inhalers are great to use for colds, flu, headaches, allergies, and lung and chest congestion. They are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse and have on hand for immediate relief. Filling a blank nasal inhaler with your favorite essential oil blend is an effective way to experience the therapeutic power […]
  10. Essential Oils for Respiratory Conditions

    Respiratory diseases are multi factorial in etiology. The cause of respiratory infections can be viral, bacterial, parasitic, smoking, or only allergic. Symptoms for common respiratory infections include difficulty in breathing, coughing, chest pain and nasal, and congestion in the chest. Essential oils beneficial for respiratory conditions are : Anti – Inflammatory : Frankincense Roman Chamomile […]